Academic English IV<2組>(現シス・知識)

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Academic English IV<2組>(現シス・知識)
Academic English IV
A310060002 2 2 後期授業 外国語科目(英語) FLENG2506-E2 金2 B3-108,オンライン(中百舌鳥キャンパス) 徳永 アン


Tuesday 12:05-12:55 (by appointment)


Academic English IIIで学んだアカデミック・ライティングとプレゼンテーションの能力をさらに高め、聞いた内容について質問したり、議論したりすることができる双方向的なコミュニケーション力を身につけることを目的とします。




Reading booklets, doing quiz tasks, posting to forums and completing assignments.


This course aims to raise language learners’ awareness of the conventions of spoken and written English in order to enhance your ability in using Academic English. You will study a variety of short genres that are found in technical and academic contexts, such as information reports, explanations and arguments. The purpose of reports is to describe and give information about general things, while explanations are concerned with explaining why things are or how things happened, and arguments attempt to convince readers that a statement is true.
You will examine vocabulary and grammatical patterns and text organization that are common to each genre. You will work together in groups to practice writing texts before constructing the assigned texts on your own.


第1回 Course Introduction
Nonfiction review
第2回 Nonfiction review 準備学習等
第3回 Nonfiction review 準備学習等
第4回 Information Report 準備学習等
第5回 Information Report 準備学習等
第6回 Information Report 準備学習等
第7回 Explanation Unit 準備学習等
第8回 Explanation Unit 準備学習等
第9回 Explanation Unit 準備学習等
第10回 Explanation Unit 準備学習等
第11回 Explanation Unit 準備学習等
第12回 Argument Unit 準備学習等
第13回 Argument Unit 準備学習等
第14回 Argument Unit 準備学習等
第15回 Argument Unit 準備学習等
第16回 Final Test
Review of the Course and Evaluation


You need to do the following course work to a satisfactory standard in order to achieve a passing grade or above:
I. Four short assignments
1. Write a 250 word nonfiction review
2. Write a 250 word information report
3. Write a 250 word explanation text
4. Write a 200 word short argument
II. Weekly lesson tasks
III. Final Test
In addition, you should participate actively in class.