Academic English III<2組>(物質)

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Academic English III<2組>(物質)
Academic English III
A310050025 2 2 前期授業 外国語科目(英語) FLENG2505-E2 火2 B3-209,オンライン(中百舌鳥キャンパス) クリストファー ピーターロック

オフィスアワー Only if that fails




No textbook. All prints handed out in class. The prints are the reference book for this course and must be brought to every lesson. These prints should all be kept for use in the second semester too, especially those for Citing Sources APA Style.


English/Japanese Japanese/English dictionary.


Study writing Academic English in APA style. Be sure to have access to a computer to do your homework when given.

All students will be expected to prepare for and review the content and activities of each class, and complete all homework assignments given.


Our classes are hybrid, meaning a mix of face-to-face (f2f) and asynchronous Moodle (AM) classes.

The focus is on the basic skills of reading, writing, and researching; all leading towards academic writing and giving academic presentations. Students will computer type academic level articles, then, if in face-to-face lessons, practice them orally as they learn and practice the basics of academic presentation.


第1回 Face-to-face class (f2f): check name lists and student numbers. Course introduction and requirements sheet. Homework (HW) web questions. 準備学習等
第2回 f2f class: Website Q&A (5%). HW: read and study all handout prints. Make one question to ask by email next lesson. 準備学習等
第3回 Asynchronous Moodle class (AM): Email your question from the prints handed out (5%). Future journey to another galaxy. HW decide possible or not. 準備学習等
第4回 f2f class: Groups decided, and parts for your academic paper. The thesis statement is: “We will (one day/never)….” 準備学習等
第5回 AM class: Email your part to your group. Groups assemble them into one paper. HW: Type first draft. Cite all sources in both your text and also under your References title. 準備学習等
第6回 f2f class: Show your thesis statement on the board (5%). HW: Retype and submit the first draft of your group paper with colour coded individual parts (10%). 準備学習等
第7回 f2f class: whole group paper for checking with at least two non-online sources and two online sources (5%). HW retype final group paper for next lesson 4-5 pages double spaced plus References. Use different colour coding for each member’s piece. 準備学習等
第8回 f2f class: Submit final group paper (10%) “We will… travel to ...” No colour coding. Title page, and 4-5 pages maximum of text, plus References list. 準備学習等
第9回 AM class: One email question each for opposing viewpoints (5%). 準備学習等
第10回 f2f class: 20 mins APA style Paper Test (15%). Then choose an exacerbating environmental problem to solve from the list of 11. HW: Email the thesis statement (5%). 準備学習等
第11回 AM class: HW type your first draft paper (two to three sides of A4) in proper APA academic format. Cover in some way, causes, effects, and solutions (not merely what helps). Include at least two non-online sources and two online sources. 準備学習等
第12回 f2f class: Peer review each part of the first draft and type the second draft colour coded (10%). 準備学習等
第13回 f2f class: Peer review your second draft. Type final draft. Title page, 3-4 sides of A4 double spaced, colour coded, and your References list. 準備学習等
第14回 f2f class: Peer review and check final draft. 準備学習等
第15回 AM class: Submit by email your final group academic paper check with NO colour-coded parts (25%). 準備学習等
第16回 f2f class: Feedback and review of your final End of Semester Group Paper. 準備学習等


To achieve the required target you need grades in the following criteria:

Final grades will be calculated as:
1. Two final HI group academic papers………………... 35%.
2. HI email written work (2 x 10%) + 6 x 5……………50% (in total).
3. HO paper test (on APA academic paper HOs)…… 15%.

A maximum of 3 classes absent is allowed. Four absences mean a D grade.


In f2f classes, ask any questions you have during class time, not afterwards. Occasionally we may be able to meet in a room for special advice, help or consultation.

Smartphones are only allowed to be used specifically if and when your professor says and only for the specific tasks he indicates. Their extraneous use will result in confiscation until the end of the lesson. Generally, keep them on "manner mode" or "off" at all times.

Try hard and enjoy!