Academic English III<2組>(現シス・知識)

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Academic English III<2組>(現シス・知識)
Academic English III
A310050002 2 2 前期授業 外国語科目(英語) FLENG2505-E2 金2 オンライン(中百舌鳥キャンパス) 徳永 アン


Tuesday 12:05-12:55 (by appointment)






Extensive Reading will be done for homework


In Academic English III you will learn about some common types of texts that can be found in everyday contexts and which form the building blocks of longer, academic texts. You will learn that because these texts have evolved to carry out various social purposes they differ in their structure, grammar patterns and choice of vocabulary.
Texts that will be examined are instructions which tell us how to do something; descriptions which give information about particular people and places; narratives which tell an entertaining story and reviews which have the purpose of giving information about stories and evaluating them.
The course aims to raise language learners' awareness of the conventions of spoken and written English in order to enhance their ability in using English. Through extensive reading, learners will be exposed to a wide range of reading materials and will acquire the language structures and expressions they need to use in writing and speaking as well as deepening their cultural understanding and global outlook.


第1回 Course Introduction
Book Review Unit
準備学習等 Buy a graded reader and read. Complete the student ID card.
第2回 Book Review Unit 準備学習等 Read graded reader(s)
第3回 Book Review Unit 準備学習等
第4回 Book Review Unit 準備学習等
第5回 Book Review Unit 準備学習等 Book Review 1 due
第6回 Procedural Instructions Unit 準備学習等
第7回 Procedural Instructions Unit 準備学習等 Book Review 2 due
第8回 Procedural Instructions Unit 準備学習等 Book Review 3 due
第9回 Factual Descriptions Unit 準備学習等
第10回 Factual Description Unit 準備学習等 Book Review 4 due
第11回 Factual Description Unit 準備学習等
第12回 Narrativet Unit 準備学習等 Book Review 5 due
第13回 Narrative Unit 準備学習等 Book Review 6 due
第14回 Narrative Unit 準備学習等
第15回 Final Test
Review and evaluation of the course


You need to do the following course work to a satisfactory standard in order to achieve a C grade or above:
I. Four short assignments.
1. Write a 250 word review of a book which you have read, organizing and giving information about the genre, characters, events, theme and literary devices used to construct the text and evaluating them
2. Write a 250 word procedural instruction with steps arranged in sequence
3. Write a 200 word factual descriptive report presenting information that is non-sequential
4. Write a 250 word narrative which is structured to entertain
II. Read at least five graded readers and write a book review for each. This is called the 'Extensive Reading Homework Task'.
III. Tests. Four short written tests will be scheduled throughout the semester.
In addition you should participate actively in class. If you miss more than 4 classes you will fail.